Should Couples Make Expensive or Small Wedding Celebration?

Hey friends. Wedding day is the most important and the happiest days of our life. the day, when we say YES, we accept our partner to be our partner during the whole life, in bad in good moments and in everything that happens. This is the day that we wish to share with people we love and to make them happy too. But read the full post and read about is it worth to make an expensive wedding or to make a small celebration.

Many couples nowadays decide not to spend all the money they have just to make an expensive wedding ceremony. Most of them decide to make a small wedding celebration and to save their money and avoid too many people at their wedding. I think that this is a very smart option and at our wedding shouldn’t be called those people that we haven’t seen with years. We should invite people that are very close to us, our parents, godfather and a few friends.


Even though this is my opinion when I got married we made a large wedding and we spent a lot of money by inviting those people that weren’s seen with years. I still have the same opinion about this. If some people don’t call you with years, why you will feel the need to invite him/her at the wedding. It also happens to lose contact with the same people next after the wedding day, so here is the question why did you invite them?

wedding dress

Here I also have another question for you, is it worth to spend so much money to buy a wedding dress at a high price? Well, I won’t discuss on this topic because this will be the next post that we will tell you about it.

However, living in a modern society will make you think about this topic and to decide the best option for you and your partner. It’s enough of writing and here I will finish this post which was informative, I really hope. Thanks for your attention and also read A B O U T which veggies to use as home remedies and curing pain at home in a natural way, without drinking any pills.