Should Parents Spend all Salary for Their Children’sBrithdays

Hello friends, how are you? We are great and feeling positive like always with the aim to write a new post for you, our favorite readers. This post is about should parents spend a lot of money to celebrate their children’s birthday parties or should save their money for rainy days. Well, stay with us to see my opinion about this topic.

To be honest, I don’ think that parents should make a big party for their children especially if they are at the age of 2,3, years. If they have a baby that is turning only one year, thank it’s okay. Make a party in the restaurant, big cake, shower and catering, nice dresses, I accept all this. But, next year, there will be no need for all this. A little party with a small cake, cheap dress, a few people around and that’s it.

birthday party

What is wrong if parents spend too much money on celebrating birthdays here? The wrong is that they spend the whole salary for this aim and they have the pass whole month without money. why all this, when a birthday can be celebrated at the home, celebrated with only the closest people around.

Also, read about the last post shared on our page and it’s about how anxiety can kill your appetite for sure. thanks so much for your attention and if you are a parent, ope you will think about for making a big party for your birthday or for the birthday of your children! Thanks!