Should We Dress Our Pet?

Hey friends. Many times happens to me when I walk in the park to see dogs wearing a modern piece of clothes, trend, fashionable. Some of them wear the same clothes as their owners which might sound funny. All this made me think about this theme, to make research and write a post about Should we dress our pets in this case dog. Should we and why not? Find out in the following, in the main part of the post!

When dogs are dressed, they can walk normally and run in the park. The dog isn’t like any other normal dog and with this, you are charming the well-being. Actually, there is no need to dress your dog.

How can you know that your dog is feeling cold or warm when many street dogs are spending their winter on the streets even without any blanket. They survive somehow because they are dogs and there is no need to cover your dog with any kind of clothes.

should we dress our pet
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Your dog absolutely doesn’t need any clothes. The fur gives him enough warm during the winter days and I think that this is completely unnecessary. Leave the dog to look like is looking, don’t spend money to buy a coat, shirt or any other piece of clothes that will just harm the pet. I have seen some disturbing photos on social media when dog owners put tights on their dogs and laugh at them with friends. This annoyed me so much and people like these shouldn’t keep the dog and make them suffer.

Also, there are other groups of people that spend a lot of money buying brand clothes to dogs instead of spending money to vet doctors and take a suitable vaccine for the dog, which isn’t good thing at all.

This isn’t just my own opinion but is also the opinion of many animal protectors, psychologists, and animal unions.

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