Should We Share Images of Our Kids Online?

Hey, there dear parents. Today’s topic of this post is the question should we share images from our little babies and children online on Social media. My advice is that sometimes we can share it but not so often because someone can use this in contra effect for us. Stay with us to the end and read the full text.

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To add a photo from your little baby and children on Facebook it’s a combination of pride, joy, identity, and social validation. We feel happy to show our baby to our Facebook friends, we share photos to make a memory. Maybe your phone will die but the photos on social media will stay and after year, two, will come back to remember you that your child is already grown up. We are proud when our children said something, so we make a video and share with friends, we take some picture and share it. We shouldn’t be scared of posting images of our little baby but we should choose our list of friends on Facebook and in this way to protect them in some way. Another way to protect our children is to adjust the visibility of the photos and to hide from the public, just to be visible by friends we know personally.

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Some parents even make a Facebook profile to their kids, also they have Instagram profiles and even know how to use it. I think that we should leave children living their life as a child, playing games outside and not bothering them with the net, smartphones, social media. Some parents spent too much time on the net and on their profiles so they are teaching their children to spend time on their profiles.

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