Should We Stay in Relationship With People That Makes us Crying

There are people that constantly make us crying and we are fed up with all this and can’t continue life anymore. This should make us think if we should keep these people in our lives or let them go. There is one English proverb that says that if you have a dog and you still have to put the chain to not escape from you the dog is not yours and never was yours. It’s the same with people if a person doesn’t stay in front of you he/she was never yours and will never be!!!

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People that love you will try to make you laugh in every moment and these make people happy people. Otherwise, those who are always trying to make like it’s our fault about everything that happens in life, bad or good moment, we should avoid being with them. Sooner as it is possible!!!

If you are asking my advice on the topic I think that you should immediately leave the person that makes you cry. If some person loves you he/she will never let you cry and will be with you in the saddest moments!!!