Should We Travel on Friday 13th?

Hey, there friends, how are you today? We are fine, the day passed well even if it’s Friday the 13th. Some people are a sceptic and beleive that traveling on Friday 13th will bring them bad luck. While others are travelling without worries. Stay with us and read about if we should quit all plans for this day.

While we feel afraid from Friday the 13th people in Greece and some other countries are afraid from Tuesday the 13th. Truth or false? Read more!

Well, if you are asking me, I think that we shouldn’t have plans for this day, especially not for traveling. Something bad might happen to you due to the day because the number 13 brings bad luck especially if it’s Friday. We can fall somewhere, we can lose something, we can have a lot of problems in this day.

However, people are different and they act differently to days. We must accept the situation that happens and to go ahead in the future. To be honest, to me never happened something bad to me on this day but when the day comes I feel nervous, sad, angry and can’t wait to pass the day.

Friday 13th

I believe that all of us wish to pass this day quickly and be happy because this day has already finished. Let’s hope for another bright day tomorrow!

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