Should You Sleep With the Air Conditioner Turned on?

Many people come home after work, they turn on the air conditioner and suddenly fall asleep. Suddenly when they wake up, feel pain in the neck or sore throat. Here in this post, we will explain to you why you should sleep when AC is turned on and which are the negative sides of this.

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Well scientists say that sleeping with turned on-air conditioner can be safe. On the other side, here are the negative sides of this:

The noise might disrupt your sleep

I’m not sure that you will sleep nicely when AC is turned on. You will just wake up nervous with pain in your head.

It can leave you dehydrated

Sleeping with the AC for too long can leave you dehydrated. It can dry out your skin, mouth, throat, and other parts of your body.

It can reduce hormone production

Sleeping in a room where temperatures are too cold can reduce hormone production. Some important hormones to keep you healthy might be missing due to the result of AC.

It can affect your immune system

Sleeping long in a place where temperatures are so low, can result in a low immune system. This depends on the place where your bed is and where the AC is placed.

sleeping with AC turned on
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I think that this is enough to stop sleeping while our AC is turned on, even in our room or car. Before sleeping, simply turn off the AC and sleep comfortably.