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Smart Tips to Save Death Plant

Did you spend too much money buying expensive plants that already died for a few days? Oh, don’t be sad, because you can save a death plant with our smart tips! Stay with us for some time and find how to this when your plant is asking for your help!

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Separate roots manually

The first thing to do is to see which roots are already dead and to separate manually the healthy roots from sick roots. Take one flower pot and again plant here those health roots. This is how your plant will be alive again but in another home.

save death plant
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Water with filtered water

Now when your plant is renewed, water it just with filtered water to not make the same mistake as before. Take care to get rid of pests and bugs that attack your plant and give no chance to live.

Give your plant fresh air

If you keep plants indoors, now it’s time to give them fresh air and bring it outdoor on your terrace. This is how plants will be renewed and you will save the death plant!

Use a plastic bag to protect the plant from rain and wind

Strong wind can destroy your plant and to protect it you can use a plastic bag and cover the plant. When the weather is getting better, you can just throw away the bag and give plants one fresh air to live!

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