Spray Paint Project for Creative People

If we are creative we can reuse almost all the old objects we have at home and we don’t use it anymore. Unless throwing it away, you should reuse it and give it a new life. For example, with the use of spray paint, you can transform old objects into new and make lovely decorative elements or furniture for home! Stay with us for some to check our spray paint project for today!

This project has a BONUS, you can also storage here your things, be organized and save some space in your room!!! See DIY ideas now!

DIY nightstand table with a painted suitcase

Take the spray paint in your hand and an old suitcase and paint it in pink color. Add it next to your bed and use it as useful nightstand table! See the idea now and follow the link below the photo for the details.

spray paint project
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Spray paint your bicycle in pink color

Renew your bicycle and paint it in pink color and be proud of your decor done with love and effort. Your old bicycle will look lovely this time!!!

spray paint bicycle
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Spray paint the hanging baskets filled with flowers

Use purple spray paint to paint the hanging baskets in yur garden place. Bring the colors in your outdoor place and do the best fencing design!!! Take a look at the photo that follows now!

choose your favorite color and spray paint the hanging baskets
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Spray paint the old lamps and give it new life

Take the spray in your hand and spray paint the lamps that are old and unused. See how to make this.

diy lamps
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Check the tutorial now and make things clear.

Paint the doorknobs

The last idea is about how to spray paint the doorknobs and create one amazing home design. With this idea, we will finish this post that hope was interesting for you. Which of these things you will make to beautify your home, tell us in a comment!

spray paint
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