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Tell Your Kids You Love Them Every Day

It’s important to tell your kids that you really love them and to do this every day. This isn’t an obligation, this is the truth, this is the feelings coming from your heart when you are a parent. Also check these colorful and healthy meals to prepare for your kids and show all the love …


1 June is International Children’s Day

Good morning friends. Today is 1 June 2020 and it’s international children’s day. It’s important to date of the calendar that we shouldn’t forget. Everything started In 1925 when International Children’s Day was proclaimed in Geneva during the World Conference on Child Welfare. Since this day, 1 June is celebrated in many countries as international …


How Divorce Affects Children

Living in modern society means that nowadays being divorced isn’t something unusual and happens too often. Parents get divorced even without taking care of how this will affect their children. Some children hide their feelings and don’t show but all of them feel sad about this situation. imagine, one day you are living with two …