The Effects of Chronic Stress

Hello dear friends. Today we have to present to you the negative effects of chronic stress. Stress is here with us every day and we must find some way to deal with it or at least to reduce it.

Here are the effects you can expect when you feel stressed and nervous:

Stomach pain

Don’t be surprised when you feel pain in your stomach because this may be result of stress.

chronic stress

Chest pain

To feel pain in your chest is also result from stress. Stop worrying about some stupid things that never happen.

chest pain

Increased blood pressure

The word thing that happens to you is to have high blood pressure because this can destroy you.

increased blood pressure


If you ever feel a headache this might be also the reason of feeling anxious and you just had a stressful day.



If you ever have sleep loss or insomnia this is also a result of stress. If you want to fall asleep next after you felt stressed, take some pill to calm down.


For the end of the post, I invite you to stay with us in the following and also to go back and read the last post we shared with you recently. The post was about why some people aren’t photogenic even if they look pretty alive.