The Ideal time to Get Married

Hello there friends, the last post was about how affects the mother’s loss to the children in life and how they grow up without a mother. If you haven’t read it, click here and read it. But, if you aren’t interested in this, please read about what is the ideal time to get married which we will discuss hereinafter.

get married

Believe or not, science says that if you spend many years with your partner in a relationship, the marriage won’t be successful. Otherwise, it will be a happy marriage if you spend less than one year with a partner and get married. Interesting fact but also truthful.

Here, I will give you an example of this. There was a couple who were in relations above 10 years and even more. When the time for getting married came they get married and suddenly get divorced just for a few months. Why does this happen?

I think that this happens because the couple already lived life togehter and now there is nothing interesting to do. Many couples like this are facing the problem of not having children and this is why they end up with unhappy marriage and divorce.

So, what’s the real-time to get married? One research made in the USA says that here couples began at the age of 26 for men and 22 for women. By the 1950s, the numbers were 23 years and 20 years respectively. Since 1960, the authors note the median age at first marriage has continued to rise. As of the 2015 U.S. Census Bureau, they report the median age at first marriage is now 29 years for men and 27 years for women.

In my country, there are different opinions about this topic. Some are getting married even at the age of 18 and the others are getting married after 30 years, which is late. But, this is just my opinion. If you want to add some comment to this topic, share it below the post and express your opinion with us, dear friends.