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The Reason Why We Feel Depressed At the Holidays

In a period when you should feel happy, suddenly you feel depressed and this happens to you during the holidays. Don’t worry, this is a normal situation and it happened to me a lot of times, almost every year. But, has the science answer to this situation, why we feel like this and how to deal with depression in the period of holidays?? The ANSWER to all these questions you will find hereinafter in this post.

Maybe it’s the most amazing period of the year, but beleive me isn’t for everyone. When we see people around happy, this might remind us of the happiness and person that are missing in our life. too many things are changing in this period, our food and drink habits changes and this makes us feel bad and depressed. Not everyone, but only those who are emotionally attached people.

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December can be a particularly difficult time of year for those dealing with family conflict, loss, break ups, divorce, loneliness, and mental health issues. This is why we say a new start of the year, new beginnings, new people. People are bringing hard decisions in a period when we should celebrate New Year, Christmas, etc.

We can feel lonely in this period if we are far away from our family. For example, decorating the Christmas tree and have no one to share with these happy moments. You can also feel pressure to do everything, dinner, and lunch for families, cookies, decorate the house and have no time for you. Oh, this surely will take you into depression.

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But don’t worry dear friends, holidays are a great period when we should feel loved and happy and there should be no place for sad moments and depression. Holidays will end and you will soon go back to your normal life!!!

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