The Reasons why Affair Don’t Last Long

Good morning friends, how are you this morning? We are fine, drinking our first coffee and searching for new ideas. Today we will keep on cheating and unsuccessful affairs. Many young married or divorced people fall into affairs nowadays. But, many affairs don’t last long but last so short and there are several reasons for this. To read the reasons, follow our post to the end and find out.

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Partners don’t know well each other

Partners don’t have enough time to meet each other. The very first reason is that partners don’t know well each other and decide to stop their affair until is too late to do this.

affair don't last
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Dating is different than living with someone

To date with someone is different because you can stop the relationship wherever is possible but if you live with someone, you have some obligation and respect for your partner. Day by day, you are getting closer one to each other, getting to know each other that makes the relationship stronger. This is how psychologists are explaining the reason why affairs last short.

The,,love hormone,, drops

The third reason is that love hormone drops and they don’t feel anything for these people. so they decide to quit the affair.

Being unhappy

Trying to forget the partner, husband of a wife and getting into affair will make you unhappy. Instead of finding a happy life you will find unhappiness.

Affair is giving courage for only a short period

Partners feel unsecured, are afraid that their partner will do the same and will cheat on them. All this leads to stress, depression and is the reason why the affair will end up.

It was a mistake

Finally, partner realizes that he/she wants to go back to those happy days in marriage and put an end to this mistake, bad affair. But, is it possible to go back in marriage so easy, I’m not sure. We will make research and come back to write another post with this information.

Thanks for reading and next time when getting into affair remember that your affair won’t last long but will end so soon until you blink with your eyes!