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The Reasons Why We Should Treat the Elderly People with Respect

Today, I decided to write a post about the reasons why we should respect the elderly. The theme was tempting for me because many times I’ve seen that young people ( on my ages) don’t respect elderly people and most of them aren’t patient to wait for them in a queue. My opinion is that we should respect elderly people and there are several reasons for this, read the full text and find out.

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We don’t know who they were in the past

We have no idea what these people were in the past. Maybe they were nurses, cubs and helped many people but now when they are old, they also need help from the youngest people. Respect them!

respect elderly people

We will be just like them, old, weak and wrong

We are now young but one day we will be the same as they are now, old and useless. This is why we should remember this always when behaving badly with old people. Show some respect!

Because they helped us with our children care and for us also

Most of the grandmother is taking care of the nephews and no one is thankful for this. When a child is grown up, this is all forgotten and should be like this.

They are lonely and maybe are sick

Don’t be surprised when elderly people can’t wait in a queue because of they aren’t stronger as you are at the age of 20. Also, maybe they are sick, have some disease or they have no nerves!

treating elderly people with respect
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To sum up, I think that in the past young people were treating old people in a better way than now. But we can we do unless waiting for better days, better culture, respect and help form people.