The Things That Make Me Fall in Love with Autumn

People are different so they have different opinion and feelings about something. in this case, I’m talking about seasons and the season that came yesterday. Slowly but surely, summer is behind us and we are saying HELLO to the new season. Season named autumn and my favorite part from all year. Here I will tell you why I love this season so maybe you will also start loving it.

I love when the leaves are falling from the threes

How I love when I’m walking around and the leaves are falling, this makes me feel so great. Even though some of you might be nervous about having to clean the yard every day from the leaves, I enjoy this feeling.

falling leaves

I love when it’s raining and I wear my favorite umbrella

The next reason why I love this season it’s when it’s raining and this happens every day. ( very often) The flowers are refreshing and the green grass too and I have a chance to change umbrellas each day while enjoying in the water drops.

I love when we are making,,Ajvar,, and it smells all yard

The third reason that makes me happy this season Autumn is when my mother is making Ajvar. I promise that I will write a post for this and will give you a full recipe about how it’s done. It tastes great with bread and cheese. Mmmm.. wait for my post it’s coming soon!!!


I love when we prepare,, Jufka,,

Slowly but surely we are preparing for the winter period, we prepare also,, Jufka,, which is food similar to pasta. The ingredients we use for this are flour, eggs and salt and tastes so good.


I love when I see students going to school

I have finished my school three years ago and now when I’m not going o school How I love to see other students going to school. It makes me happy, it makes me remembering the days when I was sitting in that classroom and studying, having no problems at att and love the teacher like she was my second mother.

school bus

To sum up, I think that each season have some beautiful moments and we should fall in love with every day and every chance that God is giving us to live, enjoy in life, be happy and proud with every second of living!

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