This Cute Fox Was Sleeping on the Tree Stump and Now is a Web Sensation

Hey friends. In a period when we spend too much at home without going out and avoid socialization, we need a lot of positive photos to see on the next. For example, this fox is sleeping on the tree stump and her photo become web sensation. Stay with us to see the photo and the details about this cute innocent animal that is so sleepy! 🙂

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fox- sleeping on the tree
Photo via

Beleive or not, the shots quickly turned into a web sensation, and they as of now have over 487K preferences and 85K retweets. What a fox! 🙂

fox sleeping on the tree
Photo via

Usually, we can see a fox in this period, in April and May but not in the urban zones, but somewhere there in the fields or in the forests. If you ever have a chance to see some fox, don’t forget to take a shot of it and share it with us. They aren’t friendly at all and when they will notice you they will just flee from you.

This is all we prepared of today and I hope that we made your day so positive and bright and you will keep following our page for more posts like this. Have a nice end of the week!