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To Improve Your Sweet Home Try These Cleaning Hacks

When you want to have an IDEAL home, SWEET home, CLEAN home, you must clean it all the time. But, when you know some extra great cleaning hacks, cleaning will be a PLEASURE for you and never an OBLIGATION. 🙂

Stay with us in this post to check the cleaning hacks that we will present to you in the post that follows right now!

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Clean door handles with lemon

Take one lemon, cut it on half, and with this clean the door handles, so you can protect yourself from infection and virus.

Don’t forget to clean the laptop

We use a laptop every day, but be honest, how often do you clean it? Take toothbrush so deeply clean the tips on your laptop so you can now work safely.

Spread baking soda to your sofa

About the sofa, you can clean it with baking soda and renew the look of your old sofa that is full of bacteria.

Add ice cubes on carpet to clean it

Thow who have small kids, probably know that their carpet won’t be a clean long time. By adding ice cubes on the top of the carpet, you can easily clean it and get a new refreshing surface.

ice cubes
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Clean your old sneakers

If you thought that you must throw away your old sneakers, you are wrong. Take the toothbrush and plastic rubber to deeply clean it and this is it!

cleaning old sneakers
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Clean glass baking dishes with aluminum foil

Aluminum foil has different uses. Now, we will present to you how to clean the glass baking dishes with it. Make a ball from using aluminum foil, add dishwashing soap, and deeply clean the surface of the glass dish.

dish washing soap
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This is all we had to share with you in our post now and invite you to be our follower in the future when we will be back with other extra good cleaning hacks to improve your home! Bye!