We Can’t Jump and Scream When We are Sleeping, Why?

Have you ever wondered why we can’t scream in our dreams and we can’t run and even jump? Have you wondered if this really happened or it was just a dream? You wish to be a dream but you aren’t sure if you already waken up? I was always wondering and finally made a research on the net to find out the fact why is this happening. Read the full text and read about it.

First of all, let me tell you that this situation is named sleep paralysis. How can be defined all this? Well, sleep paralysis is an amazing program built into the physical body to allow every single one of us to experience the astral plane. To explain you in a better way, it’s the mechanism that keeps you from jumping out your window or climbing onto the roof while you act out a dream.

Second of all, you will not be aware of paralysis while you dream regardless of what type of dream it is. so, if you dream like you are going somewhere and there is a dog behind you so you wish to run at that moment, you can’t move. If you dream like you are scared of something and you can’t scream, well this isn’t possible because you are sleeping. So, many times happened to me when this happens to wake up suddenly and feel afraid with the heart beating.

The third of all, it can happen to you when you wake up and can’t move is that the inhibitors have not been alerted to the fact that you have woken up. Since the sleep paralysis inhibitors affect the primary larger muscles, simply relax and move your smaller muscles, like your face, or your toes, or fingers and you will instantly be able to move. So, next time when you feel sleep paralysis don’t worry and remember that this is just a dream and after waking up, you will be still able to walk, run, jump and scream.


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