What Causes Postpartum Hair Loss?

Hey mothers, how are you? Those who already have little babies have faced with the problem of hair loss in the period after giving birth to the little baby. But those who are pregnant now should read this post and find out what to expect with the hair in the postpartum. Or, those who aren’t pregnant should share this post with their friends and future mothers and give them some advice, useful and faithfully 🙂

postpartum hair loss
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First of all, from my own personal experience I’ve lost half of my hair after giving birth to my little baby girl. To be honest, this is a stressful situation, especially if before this period your hair was normal and beautiful. Keep reading in the following and find out what causes the hair loss in the postpartum period – the biggest period in life.

hair loss
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Second of all, science says that this is a normal situation. What causes hair loss? The stress in pregnancy, the missing vitamins, and minerals in our body that helps our hair to grow and looks good, the pain we feel when the baby is pushing to come in this world. All this causes to the hair to be damaged and the result is awful. In the period of pregnancy, the pregnancy hormones help to the hair from falling out but when pregnancy stops are ready to fall half of your hair. Normally, those girls who have lots of hair, shouldn’t be afraid from the situation because they will have little hair on they had but those who have little hair will have a BIG problem in this period.

postpartum hair loss
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Third of all, there is a solution to every problem and even this problem can be solved. When the fourth days will pass, your baby will grow a little and the hair will be renewed. Day by day, your hair will be looking great and you will be the OLD you in short period. You will still be happy with the old hair and be proud to tell other young mothers to follow your advice and to help them. I think that this topic is large and I can even write more and more about these problems but I won’t keep your free time anymore I will be back soon with new posts and you just need to follow us. thanks for your attention and have a nice rest if the day and the nice start of the week, tomorrow is Monday be happy!!!