What if Antibiotics Don’t Work?

How many times took the antibiotics without the doctor’s permission even where is no need for that? If you did this many times before and you are still doing stop it! When you will REALLY have a need of antibiotics, antibiotics won’t work!!! Here is the explanation of the medicine.

Antibiotics aren’t always the solution and answer for your infections ad diseases. In fact, taking antibiotics when they aren’t needed might mean that they won’t work you really need them for a serious infection. As I said in the introduction, and this might be a problem.

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Doctors say that if you take many courses of antibiotics, bacteria can change so that the antibiotic does not work against them anymore. So, in this case, are needed a double dose of antibiotics or injections.

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My advice to you is to stop taking medication when you don’t have a need for that. Take paracetamol, some pills with natural ingredients to save your organism for the days when you will be so ill to take antibiotics and to have a result. Not just for us but we should avoid giving antibiotics to our children and to try to cure them with tea, herbs, hot chicken soup and to protect them in some way.

Otherwise, antibiotics not that just won’t work but will also destroy your immune system so take care of you and remember this advice.

In the end, I will only add that when you take antibiotics you should also take probiotic and to protect the stomach of pain. This is the end of the post so hope you learned something useful from our team. On our page you will find other posts connected with the health, immune system, infections so when you are already here, check the posts. Thanks and have a nice end of the week and a good start of the new week!!!!