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Why Crying is Good for You?

After the last post, we shared on our page that was about why children’s mental health is more important than their grades, we are back with something new. Today we will keep on why crying is good for our health, why do we cry and is it better to keep the tears or it’s better to cry??? More details about this topic you will find hereinafter and the only thing you should do is to just SCROLL DOWN.

Why do we cry? Crying happens due to our emotions, including sadness, grief, joy, and frustration.┬áTears are some way to soothe us, to complain about us, to feel easier. We cry to pass the pain we feel in our souls. It’s normal to cry and even we sometimes can cry not because we are sad but because we are happy and not knowing how to express happiness.


For me, crying is normal and I don’t feel any shame to cry in front of people because this is some way to express your feelings and emotions and it only can happen to those people who don’t know how to hide emotions. There are people too honest that can’t hide tears and crying can help them to forget about the pain, to throw away the feeling on the side and continue in life with the head looking in front of them. I’m like these people, honest, good people that don’t know how to deal with those people whose aim is just to offend other people.

Men are also crying like a woman but a woman is more prone to tears. Sometimes we have dust in our eyes and this can results in tears so it doesn’t mean that we are sad and happy for something.

As we gave an explanation about why we cry now we will go back to the topic of this post and why crying is good for you. Actually, crying is good for your health because you get support from other people, tears are calming you and are antistress. After crying you will sleep well like a little baby, take examples from babies. they cry and next sleeping all night as nothing happens. Tears contain a fluid called lysozyme so if you cry you will help your eyes to be protected from bacteria.

Now, when you read the full text, I hope that you clearly understand why crying is good for you. But please don’t cry too much because in this case, it will cause depression so you will be fighting with another disease. Bye and keep smiling not crying!!!