You are Good Writer, Why don’t you Write a Book?

I have always wondered can anybody write a book? Finally, I found the answer to my question and found out that everyone can write a book but you will need money for this. To write book money aren’t the only thing that you will need, but also you will need inspiration, you first have to read other books that will boost your motivation. You can write the book, yes, but also you must consult with other people who have already written a book and published to tell you which are the mistakes.

How much time you will need to write a book?

Well depends on the book size but approximately you will need a half a year or 6 months. In this period you will find someone to be your sponsor, you will correct all the mistakes you’ve done. After this period you will publish your book and you will organize a little party in honor of this and your parents will be surely proud of you.

write a book

Can you earn money from writing books?

Blank pages can be filled with your own words and you can express your motivation. The answer to this question is that you can really earn from writing books but of course you have to find public that will read your books. Otherwise, if none buys your books you will stop the business here and you will have hundreds of books in your home but not profitable!

blank page books

After the first book is published on your own, it’s time to start writing the second book! Book by book you will become a millionaire and you will be happy with your life! Now, if you have a talent to write posts, books, poems, start writing your book and be satisfied with it!!!

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