You Can be Sad in Your Life’s Happiest Moments

In the days when we should be the happiest people in this world, we can feel blue and feel sad. Why this? Maybe because we have lost a person that wished to be with us when we share this happy day, maybe we can’t enjoy the happiness for this or any reason. Stay with us in this post and read the full text.

We miss our mother/father who passed away and should be with us to share this moment

In some moments our emotions are mixing up and at the moment when we should be happy we feel sad and blue. We are graduating but our grandma isn’t here to share this day with us. The reason to feel sad. I don’t think if we have a suitable reason to cry that we should cry again in happy moments and we should feel free to feel the happiness that God gave to us. Sometimes when we are with the people we love with forget about everything bad that happened to us and some people can replace the place to those who left us but watches us from the sky.

happiest moments
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Parents are feeling sad and happy at the same time when their children are getting married or graduating

The reason for this is that they feel happy because their daughter or son is getting marries but the fact is that they took care for this child all life and now this child has to go through life and live her life. About the sons are the same, they feel sad because now their son can’t be and act in the same way like before and he will pass the rest of his life with another person and he will create a new family. For this reason, these people feel sad in happy moments. We can even cry in happy moments due to happiness that we can’t express, some of us cry some of the cries because we are all different and don’t feel these two feelings in the same way.

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To sum up, I think that whatever happens life goes on and we should try to be happy in happy moments and for some time to forget about bad moments that happened to us. Only in this way we should be happy, feel great and know that everything will be OKAY because GOD is always with us and helps a little. Hope that this post was interesting for you and you will keep following us in the near future and read our posts which are great! Thanks, thanks, thanks!