Your Lipstick Reveals your Personality!?

In the same way, as eyes can tell a lot about one person or can tell almost everything about person’s personality, it’s the same case with your lipstick. Lipstick can reveal your personality and can give information about you as a person and many of you have no idea about this. Stay with us today with our post about how lipstick reveals your personality and why you should carefully apply it and choose a suitable color.

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lipstick reveals your personality
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Slant close to original shape

If you are always choosing this lipstick means that as a kid you was a rules breaker and now you are still the same person. Watch out, this habit will be revealed with your lipstick. Of course, if people know how to read you through the mouth.

Rounded and smooth lipstick

If your lipstick is rounded and smooth, this means that you love taking care of friends. Your personality is polarizing: People either love you tremendously or actively dislike you.

Flat top

This means you are an intelligent person, funny and a natural charmer. You don’t need any lipstick to ruin men’s hearts.

Flat top concave

You never finish what you started which makes you an irresponsible person. You are curious and never afraid to take the risks in your hands just to start some projects and leave it on half! Shame on you! :)))

Sharp angled sides

Oh, you are smart and sexy if this is your favorite lipstick and you apply it regurarly. Very good in karaoke and people know you as vain. Are you really like this> Tell us in a comment below the post!

Sharply curved top

You are a loved person that often helps other people. A creative person with so much love for animals and children. I admit that this is my favorite lipstick shape and I haven’t the idea that this will reveal my personality because this is really true.

I hope that you found your personality and your favorite lipstick shape. Stay with us the next day when we will be back with other interesting posts shared on our page with the aim to inspire you.