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,, Eyes are a Window to the Soul, – Shakespeare

When Shakespeare wrote that the eyes are the window to the soul, he didn’t have the benefit of scientific studies to draw on. Centuries later, many types of research was exactly on this topic. What can eyes reveal about a person? Well, if you look carefully it can reveal all!!!

In this world, there are 6 billion people and imagine there are 12 billion eyes but none of them are the same. different eyes, different people and emotions, characters.

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Eyes are telling: I’m attractive

Eyes can make you look more attractive of course if a person is looking into your eye and see the beauty in it.

Eyes are telling: I’m competitive

The investigators found that people with lighter eyes were lower on the personality measure of agreeable—with being a “personality marker” for competitiveness. 

Eyes are telling: I’m concentrating

Eyes reveal to you if you are concentrating and focusing on something. Let me tell you funny research that I read about. It says that if a woman looks at some man for about five minutes it doesn’t mean that she is interested in him. On the other side, if a man is looking for a woman for five minutes he is really interested in her! Eyes can reveal your plans in the future so be careful!

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