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Do You Beleive in Deja Vu?

Good morning friends. Have you ever visited a place for the first time but already feel familiar with the place? Or, maybe sometimes happened to you to a made conversation with a friend but you feel like you previously had the same conversation with the same person and at the same place. You see person …


How to Spot Jealous Friend!

Jealousy is normal human reactions and we can be jealous to our friends, to our brother, sisters, and cousins either. Being jealous isn’t a good feeling and may force us to make stupid things just to make something bad to our friend and make it happen something to destroy a friend’s happiness. Otherwise, having a …


How to Stop Crying in Public

Every person cries and the reasons are several and all different. Breakup, disease, job quit, not having enough money to buy something, death of some person we loved so much, losing a best friend, bad scores at school. You can cry at work when some of the colleagues annoyed you when you boss told you …