How to Stop Crying in Public

Every person cries and the reasons are several and all different. Breakup, disease, job quit, not having enough money to buy something, death of some person we loved so much, losing a best friend, bad scores at school. You can cry at work when some of the colleagues annoyed you when you boss told you that you aren’t working so hard.

However, some people can’t cry in from of other people, in a public place while others don’t know how to control this. Some of us are more sensitive than others and cry even when watching a sad movie. Today, I decided to write a post about the tricks on how to stop crying in a public place or in front of people. Here are the tips.

  1. Take a deep breath and focus on breathing. Breathe slowly and calm yourself. Stop crying and take control in your hands.
  2. Blinking and moving with eyes can also help you. In this way, you will stop the tears to spill out and will hide the pain you have.
  3. Relaxing facial muscles can also have an effect, try this.
  4. You have to get rid of a throat lump which is the hardest thing to do.
  5. Do some exercise that will help you to forget about worries, problems and to stop the tears scrolling on your face.
stop crying in public
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If you tried all these tricks and still has no effect, don’t hide the tears! You are so sincere person, sensitive and there is no need to hide your sensitivity. It’s okay to cry even in your working place because this won’t take you to quit. You have pure heart, pure soul and is nothing bad to show your emotions in front of other people. After crying you will feel relief and you can now continue your day.

Let me reveal to you that I’m so sensitive that I will cry when watching a movie, when seeing a person in a street asking for money, will cry for seeing animals on the street without food. I fell no shame about this!

This is all we prepared for today now and this will be the end of the post today.