Shame. Do we All Have it?

Day by day, we are meeting new people around and find out that some of them are so timid why the others are open-minded people. Being in the first or in the second category of people is normal, but shame is in all of us and we all have it. It’s normal to feel ashamed if you did not do something on the way it should but you made a mistake. Maybe some people don’t feel ashamed because they have different characters while others show how ashamed they are.

The signs for feeling ashamed are:

Red cheeks;

We all don’t have red cheeks and get blushed when feeling ashamed and this is why we can’t reveal that we are timid. While the others, can’ hide this even if they put makeup on the face.

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Can’t say a word at that moment;

At that moment, we can say nothing at all and we only wish to end up this situation.


Avoiding eye contact;

Feeling ashamed will make you escape from people and avoid eye contact with theme because you will feel even more ashamed.

avoid eye contact
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Trying to escape from that place and from the person that you feel ashamed.

Make a test with these signs and find out if you are really in this category in people or you keep the shame inside of you and you know how to hide it.

I don’t think that we should be timid people but we should be brave, to show emotions in front of people. If we made a mistake to try to say sorry and no feeling ashamed about it.

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