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Why Children Are So Scared of Clowns?

The more you stare at their perpetually smiling faces, the more it warps into something more sinister. It makes you feel scared, especially if the clown mask is so scared. For adults, this can be funny but for many young children, their birthday parties with clowns are the worst nightmare.

Clowns. They’re supposedly figures of innocent fun – brightly colored jesters to entertain our children. In fact, the mask of makeup and excessive familiarity are just a hair’s breadth away from terror. Some clowns aren’t so funny but they are nervous and fed up with children. Our children maybe don’t like this, so next time when you want to hire a clown for the party of your children, first ask for an opinion.

Make a test, if your child doesn’t enjoy in the company of Canta Clause it’s most obvious that the child won’t enjoy in clown either. They are so small and we must protect them as a parent.

scared of clowns
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