Favorite Food for Blood Type B

All blood types have something in common about the food and that is that the food they eat must be fresh, organic and natural. But, facts say that different blood type has different favorite food. Today, we won’t keep of all blood types but will STRICTLY keep on favorite food for blood type B.


Turkey is food, first on the list of the most favorite food that blood type B adore it. So, if you want to surprise your loved person with dinner and he/she is blood type B, prepare roasted turkey!

roasted turkey
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I think that we all love coffee but guess what, blood type B is a coffee addiction! Prepare coffee to your partner and make it happy!


Next on the menu are sardines. Favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner for your family, partner, a friend that has blood type B.

favorite food for blood type B
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Drink yogurt and enjoy in life if you are blood type B!!!


Oatmeal will make a slim and healthy person, so eat oatmeal often and enjoy a healthy life and way of living.

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Rise salad

Salad with brown rice is absolutely great meal for people with blood type B.

rise salad
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Sweet potatoes

Next on the list are sweet potatoes. Who doesn’t like it??

sweet potatoes
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Remember that cranberries are a favorite fruit for people with blood type B. With this fact, we will finish this post today and will invite you to be our follower in the future when we will be back with new facts similar to these but for another blood type then!!!

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