Is There Life After Death? What Happens When a Person Dies?

Hey friends. Sooner or later we will all day but the question now is there any life after death? What happens when a person dies? Is it true that some of us will go in hell and the others will go in heaven? The ANSWER to all of these questions we will give you hereinafter and we just want to have your ATTENTION and TIME, we aren’t looking so much!!! Don’t we?

Is there life after death?

If you ever read the book from Dante Alighieri, probably you have read the 9 circles of the death. In his book, he says that there is a different circle of every bad people there but also those who aren’t mentioned here probably went to heaven. However, we aren’t so sure that is there any life after death because no one called from there or no one returned here to give us any kind of information. In the next photo, you can see angles appeared on the Florida sky after pope is called. To believe or not believe if there is any life after death? Still, don’t know.

Photo via www.visionsofjesuschrist.com

What happens when a person dies?

Well, psychologists say that when one person is dead, his/her brain doesn’t have any function, the heart stops and the body is death. The soul travels around on the places where the person wishes to be for the 40 days before her or his soul leaves the body. In this period, the family is praying for the soul of the dead person and GOD decides if this person should go to hell or should be placed in heaven. Depending on all life and if the person was good or bad with other people, his soul will go at someplace but the body won’t exist anymore but will be turned to smoke.

angels on the sky
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Should we be afraid of death?

My opinion is that we shouldn’t be afraid of death because we will all go away from this world. We should live every day like our last day and be happy with our life, to be thankful to God that he gave us one amazing life to live. I think that in most cases, old person after the age of 80 are afraid of death because they know they won’t live so long but however young people also die without any signs!

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