Italy Becomes Europe’s epicenter of Coronavirus, it’s third on the list

Italy is in a panic! 200 new cases of coronavirus for only 3 days. This fact, makes Italy, Europe’s epicenter of dangerous coronavirus. Schools are closed, matches are prolonged, people walk with masks and the towns become ghost towns. Even though the virus rises in the north part of Italy, many people are scared of their life. Italy warns people to not panic, but 12 towns are lockdown. The three most infected regions are Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Bologna.

This disease first started in China where now the number of people infected with the disease is 77,150 and 2600 died. Day by day, the number of people infected with Coronavirus is growing and from Sunday until now there are 100 cases more. Here, two doctors infected with coronavirus died.

Coronavirus is spread in 29 other countries. 19 cases in Germany, Spain, UK…

Second, on the list is South Corea, here 800 cases and only 8 dead people with the same virus. today, Monday, 33 new cases and situations get worse.

And, the third on the list is Italy, where the number is increasing and days by day more people are infected by a coronavirus. Imagine, per 3 days are infected 200 new people and 5 died. The virus started when one young man aged 38 went to the hospital with symptoms to find out that he has coronavirus and also affected his pregnant wife. The previous night, he was on dinner with Chinese friend that wasn’t positive on Coronavirus. the investigations will show if he had the symptoms and passed the virus without any consequences because even if he surpassed the virus, he can still transmit the disease for withing 27 days.

Coronavirus in Italy
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It’s believed that coronavirus has started at a food market in Wuhan where live animals were sold. For this reason, China has banned illegal wild animal trading and consumption of wildlife.

coronavirus in Italy
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I hope that somehow this virus will disappear and we won’t be scared of our lives because we all want to live. Instead of this, cities around the world will become cities of spirits and there will be no normal life like what is already happening in these three countries.

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