Modern Divorce Trends for 2019

Hey friends, did you read the last post we shared recently? If you missed, click here and read it, it’s about Misheard lyrics that we were singing when I and my brother were children. But, if you don’t have time, we will be thankful if you just read this post today.

Today we have a post that is about modern divorce trends for the previous 2018 and 2019 years. We will write about what happens when modern couples get divorced and why they still live togehter even if they aren’t in marriage anymore. What is actually divorce? Read more about it.

Shorthand for when children continue to live in the family home and divorcing parents rotate in and out. For example, per one week here is the mother and for the next week here is the father but children never leave the house. This is one of the modern divorced family trends.

50/50 Custody Splits

There are no more 5 days with mom and only weekends with dad. No! This is past! Modern is to spend 4 days with mother and three with mother and this to be 50/50 of parenting!!!!

modern divorce trends
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Divorced Couples Who Still Live and/or Work together

Imagine there are still couples that are divorced but still live in the same house or work in the same working place. They share all, for example, the mother is living on the first floor but the husband on the second floor and they must be here because of their children.