Tell Your Kids You Love Them Every Day

It’s important to tell your kids that you really love them and to do this every day. This isn’t an obligation, this is the truth, this is the feelings coming from your heart when you are a parent.

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As a mother, I must tell you that my kids are the best things that happen in my life. When I say ” I love you” to them, I don’t tell this because I fell duty to tell them, it’s because I want them to know this.

We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, and this is why they should know how important is for us – for their parents.

tell your kids you love them
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We can tell them how much we love them without saying a word. How? By preparing their favorite food, by reading books they love, by spending time with them to play their favorite game outside. No matter how tired you are, you must find some free time to play with them.

I made a research on net that says that when you encourage your children that you love them, they are secure, self-assured, protected, loved and happy. They realize that they are NOT alone and they can count on you whatever happens in life.

They will need your love while they are small but also when they are grown up. When they are small , they want kisses and hugs and when are grown-up girls still want to kiss their parents, but I’m not sure with the boys.

I hope you read the full text and you realized why is important to tell your friends that you love them and to do this every day! Thanks so much for the time you spent on our page, we are very thankful to you!!!