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What’s Yours Will Always Find Its way to You

Never doubt! What’s yours will always find it’s way to come to you. Just be patient and wait. It might take a day, a month, a whole year, many years ahead, patience in front of all! The happiness will come, the best gifts will come to you and make a surprise. Sorry to tell you, but it doesn’t just mean that must be for the good things, but sometimes also for the bad things. For example, if you try to get something that isn’t yours, you will never get it. Even if you get it, it will be taken from you because it’s not yours.

what's yours will find way to you
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In the other hand, when you try to escape from accidents and bad luck in life, you can escape either. Maybe one day you will escape while the other day, bad luck will come over you and find you in another situation. It’s the same with the good things, what is meant to be yours will surely find it’s way to come to you.

My opinion on this topic is that we as people should make good things to people and expect nothing for a retreat. In this way, good things will happen in our lives and will find some way to come to us. Even when you help someone, keep secret and don’t tell anyone. Don’t worry, there is one person watching all of us from above and decides which things to happen in our life. His name is GOD.

Karma is also here. What goes around comes around and goes back around. Be patient, make good things, think positively and everyhting will be okay. Be satisfied with what you have, love your family because you can’t choose it. What’s yours will find its way to come to you, like is the title of this short post today.

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