What Happens to Your Body When Argue With Someone?

Good morning dear friends. Arguing with something has a bad health effect on your body and it can end up losing this person as a friend/partner till the end of your life. Read this post and find out what happens to your body when yo argue with someone.

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argue with someone
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Your heart beats overtime

Your heart start beating so fast so you think that must stop the fight until it’s too late for this. You feel like you are going to have a heart attack. But your anger takes you ahead, giving you no chance to stop.

Crazy hormones give you a rush

If you are a woman and you are in your PMS period your hormones will destroy you. Crazy hormones will give you a rush, reason to argue and force to go ahead and hit the person fighting with you.

Your voice is strained and becomes louder

Suddenly, your voice becomes louder and faster even if you aren’t conscious about this. You are screaming and yelling and later might feel sorry for this.

Blood pressure rises

The next thing that is affected is your blood pressure that rises. If you already have high blood pressure, before fighting remember this fact and stop the fight when it’s time for this.

Eyes pupils dilate

Your eyes are warning the other person that you are strong and eyes are also affected. Interesting. :)))

You feel butterflies in the stomach

Anxiety makes you feel like having butterflies in your stomach and this can end up with diarrhea or constipation.

feeling butterflies in stomach

To be honest, after reading all the bad effects when fighting with someone, I don’t think that I will fight and argue with someone ever again. It’s better to be silent and wait for the other person to come down and together to find one language.