Pandemic/Epidemic Which is the Difference?

Hard days for many people around the world. Many of you have to spend time in home isolation, some of you might be infected by the virus, known as coronavirus. The best thing you can do now is to stay at home and save someone’s life, to stop spreading the virus, we all must stay in our homes. Many people are confused and think that pandemic and epidemic are the same things, but actually there is a big difference. The explanation is hereinafter, written by recent research.

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For those who have no idea which is the difference between pandemic and epidemic, we create a post for you. Stay with us for some time to read it.


Pandemic is an international disease that is out of control. Actually, it’s epidemic spread to multiple regions in the world. When the situation is alarming, this is pandemic. As an example, here I would like to mention the coronavirus that is in our mind nowadays. This was the reason why I made a research to find out which is the difference and to share with you.


An epidemic is diseases spread over a larger geographic area. For example, when the virus COVID_19. first, it was spread in the city Wuhan to become an epidemic in that region. Later, was spread around Italy, now in Spain and even in the Balkan countries. To result in the pandemic that is an outbreak.

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