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Which Are the Effect of Blue Light on Human Brain!?

Modern technology and digitalization may help us to work faster and be in trend with the news happening around the world. On the other hand, it can destroy our eyes and brain. Today we will keep on the bad effect of blue light on the human brain. Spend with us to learn some new facts about it!

blue lights of human brain
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Adults, children, and everyone is using phones nowadays and are involved in modern technology. But, the blue lights, not that just damage our eyes but also has hidden effects.

The recent research says that bodies that are often exposed to this light, might have abrupt body functions. All this might result in a short life span.

Imagine, blue lights can lead you to melatonin, this is a product by the brain and makes person feeling drowsy. Drowsy means to be lazy, to fell sleepy and incapable of work.

blue lights on human brain
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It also destroys the natural sleep cycle of your eyes and everyone’s eyes that are too often involved in modern technology. There are glasses that can help you to protect your eyes from these lights, I’m not sure about the price.

A poor night’s sleep can because of the blue lights of the smartphone. Or, in some cases can lead to cataracts.

On the list with negative effects are also obesity and depression that are also a result of the blue lights, that many people are exposed to every day or night.

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After reading all this, I have a question for you. will you still use your phone constantly and even knowing the bad effect of the blue light for your health? Express your own opinion below in the comment.

We wait to hear your own view of the topic so spend some time and write your opinion. Until then, we will go and look for other posts to share with you. Bye!!!