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Use Natural Face Cream and Forget About the Powder

Many young teenagers and girls add powder on their faces and forget about adding natural face cream. To be honest, when I added face poder for the very first time, I was 16 years old. Nowadays, even though I’m still young I avoid adding too much makeup, but try to find some suitable face cream made out of natural ingredients. I’m doing this with the aim to protect my skin and to give you some advice that will be useful fo you.

If our introduction was interesting for you, read the full text and find out how to protect your face skin and looking nice even without make-up.

Keep the face clean and maintain hygiene

If you just add powder on the face and don’t was the face but you just wipe with wet wipes you will destroy your face! Stop doing this, if you clean the face each morning you won’t even need powder because the powder is bad for the skin!!!


If you don’t have acne you don’t need powder

Why are you adding powder when you don’t have acne on the face and body skin? All you need is to find some suitable face cream made out from natural ingredients, This will help you to keep wet your skin ( if you have dry skin) and looking even more beautiful without powder.

Firstly add face cream and next add powder

But if you must add powder because you have problems with acne, scars, freckles and some other things on the face, please don’t try to bye cheap powder. Give enough money to get extra quality powder because here we are talking about the face, something that is visible for people. And of course, I will accept this if you only add face cream and after the face cream, you add powder.

Show your beauty, protect the face skin and look beautiful with the best choice. And also choose the best color and never add the powder that will be darker than your skin.

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