Is it Safe to Swim with Contacts?

Good morning friends. Summer is here and we all are preparing to travel somewhere, to swim and to get rest. This is why we decided to write a post and aware of those with contact lenses that they should take out their lenses before swimming. find the details in the post that follows.

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When you wear eye contacts, IT ISNT SAFE to swim with it. Why?

Because swimming with contacts can irritate and even damage your eyes. It’s better to wear swim goggles and clearly see under the water, otherwise to destroy your eyes.

Because you get out of the water with red eyes, pink eyes, or conjunctivitis. Because choline gives you nothing good for your eyes not good for your contacts too.

swim with contacts
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Because, contact lenses are keeping your eyes healthy so how can you expect to be safe to swim with them? The worst thing is chlorine that is almost in every water in the public pools where you go. This is really beaded for eyes.

Because you should change the lenses on every three months and you are already in your first month.

What yo should do if you already swam with contact lenses?

Well, if you already did this mistake before reading our useful post, don’t worry. Everyhting will be okay. You should take out the contact lenses immediately after going out of the water. Next, to add waterdrops and the third thing to call your eye doctor and ask for help.

I think that this post clearly showed you how bad is to swim underwater with lenses. Share this with friends.