Prepare Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Stop buying expensive cosmetics to grow hair in a fast way when you can grow it with onion juice. Here is the recipe about how to prepare this magical hair mask at home.

  • two to three large onions
  • essential oil ( you can either use lavender if you have it)
  • a blender ( to mix all ingredients in it)
  • small container to pour the juice.
  • a ball of cotton.
onion juice for hair growth

Now when you have all ingredients you can prepare the mask. Peel the onions and blend it. Add a few drops of lavender or essential oil and press it down in the bowl.

Now, use cotton and dip it in the mask. With the cotton, gently apply to your hair and cover the hair with a towel to dry about 1 hour.

Check about rosy cheeks in a natural way – no makeup needed for this beautiful face and every woman can have it.

You can now wash the hair with warm water and see the effect. Repeat the process, 3 times per week, and do this all month. For one month, you will have renewed your hair and about the hair growth rapidly, you will be very surprised.

Feel free to share your results with us and tell us that your hair is grown faster now. Thanks for your time friends and stay positive as we are on this lovely Saturday afternoon.