Breathtaking DIY Styrofoam Water Fountain

When you are creative, you can make different things in your garden place! Yesterday, I went to visit my sister-in-law and SAW her amazing project that she found it on the net and made it in her garden place.

The project is about how to DIY styrofoam water fountain in your garden place and will surely take your breath away. Let’s go back to my sister-in-law, she was so kind as to share the idea with me and then could I share it with you. And you there? You are my favorite readers and you deserve to check the best ideas ever.

Now, take a seat and check this lovely project done with polystyrene and cement. You can make it but you need material, effort, and patience above all!

The first step is to take the white styrofoam and draw the bricks here with the same dimensions. See the photo now for the details.

Now, apply the cement and water mix on the bricks done with polystyrene and leave it to dry about 12 hours. Use cotton to make some space between the bricks. Check how in the second photo.

Now, take paint and paint the waterfall in red color. Add some covering and now you have done such an amazing fountain in your garden place. You have the chance to see how looks this in the third and last photo of this post now. Ti be honest, this is so amazing and cool!

DIY styrofoam water fountain


Thanks for your time friends and try to make this if don’t share it with friends and people that are creative. Also, check about how to help your hair to grow faster with onion juice.