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Body Language Suggesting Sexual Interest

Sometimes even without words, we can understand if our partner is interested in us. We found research made decades ago and a research made recently and the results are the same. All these signs mentioned below are the body language suggesting sexual interest. Sometimes can be shown by man but also women aren’t so ashamed for showing it. Read about to find out if this ever happened to you.

Also, read about signs that he loves you even without saying these words to you. But first, check this interesting body language.

Open body position

In the first photo, we can see girl with four different position and as you can see there is open body position that suggests sexual interest. Sometimes we aren’t aware of what we suggest with our sitting and behaving.

body position
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Prolonged eye gaze

The other thing is prolonged eye gaze that shows that your partner attracts you and you are suggesting something more than eating dinner and doing this with your eyes. No word needed but we can say many things with our eyes, we can say all.

eye gaze
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Lips licking, Can you resist?

The other thing that you can do and to tell your partner that you are interested in him is lips licking. Can your man resist this?

lips licking
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Accidental touch or intent?

Accidental touch can also be a sign of sexual interest for some person. Catching someone’s hand, usually, a woman does this under the table and touch the partner with their heels.

accidental touch
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Smiling more than usually

Smiling is attractive and even thought we have health benefits from this we can also be showing our emotions and feelings.

body language
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Vigorous Head Nodding in Agreement

When conversing, nodding in agreement – a lot – is a subtle cue that someone is interested in you. Making the interaction as positive as possible is a seduction goal.

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