There is no Other Love Like a Mother, Love for Her Child

Actually the topic of this post I stole from the song: Goodbye Mum, by Celine Dion. In the songs, she sings this: there is no other love like a mother, love for her child. When I heard the song, I suddenly felt the need to write a post about it.

That is completely true. No person can love in the same way as the mother does. The mother will make everything for her child and will give all she had just to make them feel happy.

love like a mother
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In many families, children are so connected with their mothers so they can tell everything to their mothers but never telling anything to their fathers. When they see fathers at home, they just ask: Where is a mom? There are million questions to our moms and only one for our fathers.

Let’s go back to the theme now. Me, as a mother of two children, I can confirm that my love for my children can’t be given by any other person in this world. I think that this love is mutual if children feel the love they will give back in the same way.

If children cry, mother will cry too. If children laugh, a mother will laugh and will be happy for them. We should all cherish our mom’s respecting them, their love for us love them when they are alive! To give presents to them on their Mother’s days because life is not the same when there aren’t in this world!

Here, I will also mention something interesting that I read recently. Two babies (twins) are talking in the mother’s tummy. The first baby says that it feels scray to come on this world and the second one is telling that in the other world there is an angel that is waiting for them to go out. The first baby asks, what’s the name of that angel and the second baby answers, we will call her, MAMA.

At the end of the post, I want to ask you to go back and read the last post we shared and was about: Do we need art on our bedroom walls or not? Thanks for your time dear friends!