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DIY Cute Easter Crafts

Hello wonderful people, how are you today? If you are at home, you will need ideas to spend a nice time with your family. Today we have DIY cute Easter crafts ideas that won’t take you so much time and the material we all have at home. Stay with us and learn how to make the best crafts for the best period of the year, for EASTER TIME!

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Easter crafts

1.Make rabbit with a plate and paper

For making this project yo will need:


blank paper,

pink-colored paper,


super glue

Gather the material and follow the steps in the photo for making the final project and surprise your children.

Easter crafts
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2. Make carrots with paper

Take orange and green paper and make carrots that are so cute! Take a look in the second photo and you will make the things clear. These ideas are stunning and I’m in a plan to make it with my children.

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3.Paper mache Easter baskets

The third idea is about how to make a basket with paper mache and this to be an amazing decorative element for your home place. Make this project in your free time.

egg baskets
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4.Popsicle sticks and paper – baby chicks

The next idea is about how to recycle the popsicle sticks and add paper to make a lovely, cute small baby chick. This is a great project to do for the best holiday of the year – Easter!!! Find motivation in the photo that follows.

baby chick
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5.Make bunny with plate

The fifth idea of the post is again how to make a cute bunny with one plate and paper. Take a look at the project and inspire yourself.

white bunny
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6. Papper bunny

Take a colored paper and make cute little bunnies and add it there on the shelves in your living room place. Your children deserve to have this at home and you must make it as a parent! I will surely try to make it, I give you a promise!

paper rabbit
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Thanks a lot for your time and I hope you will make these project ideas in your free time!!! Bye!!!