How to Move Forward With Broken Heart?

Hi, there friends! Today we have an interesting post to share with you and it’s about how to move forward with broken heart. If his sounds interesting for you, stay with us for a couple of minutes and read the full text.

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First of all, let me tell you that the syndrome of ,,broken heart,, really exists. Scientists also call it stress-induced cardiomyopathy or takotsubo cardiomyopathy. This condition can strike even if you’re healthy which is so surprising fact.

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Many young people have faced this, have had broken heart but we all must go ahead, move forward and live life even without people that aren’t any more in our life, without those who hurt us and those that don’t love us.

Like our topic sounds today, move forward with a broken heart, we will give you the tips on how to surpass this condition and continue your life like before.

Don’t suppress the pain

Don’t surpass the pain, it’s normal to feel it and you don’t have to be ashamed with your feelings. Cry loudly, scream. Every day, leave about 15 minutes for crying and day by day, time will make you feel better and you will become stronger.


First of all, take care of yourself, do things you love. Spend time with friends, make your hair, go shopping, listen to music.

Personal needs

Now yo can do all the things you can’t do when you were in a relationship. Think positive of your relationship break-up and continue your life with positive thoughts.

Notecard method

The third thing to do is to take a pencil and notebook and write down the things that bother you. In this empty notebook, write down which things make you happy, songs that make you happy and erase all moments spent with a person that is now in the past.

You will have periods of happiness

It’s not everything dark in your broken world. There will be again happy moments and life must go on, just move forward!

Find a job

If you are unemployed, use the chance to find a new job. Your job will help you to find new friends., to spend every day. This will keep you busy and you won’t have time to think of problems in life.

Destroy old photos

Your old photos will only make you feel worse. If you are facing with period like this, you must destroy the old photos you have on your phone, laptop and those in the album? Burn it!

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This is the end of the post and everything we prepared today to help you how to deal with a broken heart, a syndrome that actually exists. When feeling blue, always remember this post and read it once again until remembering the tips.