Fed up With Short Hair? Grow Hair Faster with These Tips!

Hey there beautiful ladies, how are you today? We are fine and wish to share some problem with you today. This post is for that woman who is fed up with short hairs and wish to have long hairs but never succeeds in this. Well, don’t worry girls because you can grow hair faster if you follow our tips we have to share with you.

Science says that our hair grows about 1/2 inch per month on average. That’s a grand total of about 6 inches per year for the hair on your head even if you think that your hair isn’t growing fast. And how fast your hair grows will depend on your:

  • age
  • specific hair type
  • overall health
  • other health conditions
  • genes ( can also have some relations with your hair growing)

Apply essential oils

If you wish to grow your hair faster, you must buy quality essential oils and help your hair to look shiny and grow overnight. Every woman wishes to have long hair which makes her look pretty, so don’t wait anymore and buy the best essential oils that will help you in this.

grow hair faster

Keep up with vitamins and nutrients

Food also plays an important role in growing hair. In a studyTrusted Source of 120 healthy females, the group who took omega-3 and -6 supplements had less hair loss and improved hair density. So, take omega 3 and help your hair grow faster!

Vitamin C will surely help you to make longer your hair

the most important vitamin our body needs in exactly the vitamin C. We need to for having nice skin and looking young but we also need it to help our hair looking tidy and helping to grow it.

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