Love Isn’t a Fairytale, It’s Bad Story With Lot of Crying in it

Love. Some people think this feeling is some kind of fairytale. But those who ever feel it knows that this isn’t like this. Those who ever loved, know that love can look like sad and bad story with sad end and there will be a lot of crying.

When we fall in love, our heart speaks louder than our brain. We are focused on the person we love and our brain stops thinking but we follow our hearts. Even though, this might cost us a lot in life!


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Sometimes, people we love don’t love us with the same emotions and we are hurt. Although there are periods when we are so in love and feeling so happy. However, this won’t last long and we should be prepared for whatever it comes.

It’s normal to cry when you are in love with someone. It’s better to cry instead to hide the emotions. Love, cry, be happy, be sad, this all is part of one happy or bad story, depends on circumstances.

Love teaches us that we must be strong to surpass each situation in life. Being hurt, being sad and all this caused by loving some person more than ourselves.

This is the end of the post. If we scared you with our title, don’t be, please! Love, find love of your life and feel all emotions that love will give you. If you ever get hurt from someone, remember that LOVE ISN”T A FAIRYTALE!