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Hunger or Emotional Eating? What’s the Difference?

Sometimes we are really hungry which is hunger, but sometimes we eat just to feel better and this is emotional eating. We eat cake to relieve stress, to feel better even if we don’t feel hungry. Actually, this isn’t good for your health and you can gain weight if you do this often! Eating can’t help you to solve your problems but you will add one problem more on the list – obesity, high blood pressure, and heart diseases!

Learn how to notice the difference, if you already have eaten one hour before you again are feeling hunger, this isn’t hunger but you want to eat to forget about the pain you feel. to forget about problems at work or in-home.

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Well, your problems won’t disappear, but you will become obese and you can’t control yourself. STOP it on time and eat only three times in the day, in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Never stand up in the night to eat cake just to forget about your problems! This is emotional eating and not hunger!

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Eating won’t help you to solve your problems but will make you feel worse! Don’t look for soothing in the food, but be slim and eat only when you will feel hungry!!!

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